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DynoAir has quickly become an industry leader in climate control technology.  Whether taking the pole at Indy, winning a Sprint Cup championship, or securing an international contract for emission testing, DynoAir controls with critical precision the temperature, humidity, and pressure that gives our clients the decisive edge. Temperature is generally controlled within .25º F of set point, relative humidity +/- 1° dew point, and pressure to .5 kpa.  We have the capability to reproduce practically any ambient air weather conditions anywhere on the planet.  Our units have been built from 1000 cfm to 24000 cfm; can induce and control pressure settings from plus 70″ water to minus 100″ water, use chillers and boilers or refrigerant and electricity, and can be located inside or out.  DynoAir units can be manufactured to any international electrical requirements; are complete with all sensors and controls, and built to ISO 9001 specifications.  DynoAir is a cost effective solution to many climate control needs.

The DynoAir System was created to meet an urgent need in the competitive sport of auto racing.  Delivering 100% outdoor air with precise temperature, humidity and barometric pressure control, DynoAir enhances the accuracy and reliability of engine dynamometer testing.  The effect of changes in ambient temperature, humidity and pressure are no longer a factor when testing engine performance using DynoAir.  Whether hot, cold, wet, or dry outdoors, DynoAir conditions the air supplied for combustion at the temperature, humidity, and pressure condition required.

The DynoAir Precision Air Conditioning System is built for years of reliable operation and requires minimal maintenance.  The industrial quality heavy duty unit ships fully assembled for outdoor installation on a concrete slab, roof curb, or structural steel support frame.  Heating, cooling, dehumidification, and humidification systems are integral to the unit.  A DDC Control System is factory mounted and wired for precise control of all unit functions.  The control algorithm responds to the outdoor air temperature and humidity condition by automatically adding or removing moisture, and heating or cooling as required to achieve the desired set point conditions.

The uncertainty of engine test results caused by day to day changes in temperature and humidity is one less variable of concern when testing with DynoAir.  This system elevates the standard in engine testing to a higher level and enables precise engine component adjustments.

Benefits of the DynoAir Controlled Air Delivery System

  • Permits accurate, reliable, and repeatable engine testing conditions 24/7/365

  • State-of-the-art temperature and humidity control permit engine testing on your time schedule regardless of weather conditions

  • Provides for an elevated level of confidence in making the correct engine component adjustments

  • Permits optimization of engine performance during a wide range of anticipated on-track temperature and humidity conditions

  • Supplies an additional tool to assist in achieving successful engine testing results

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